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Making the most of your trip.

Plan ahead for your trip to GROWING INNOVATIONS and hit the ground running as soon as you get here. Follow these easy steps to make the most of every minute you spend in Las Vegas.

  1. Register in advance and save time and money.
  2. Book your hotel early and take advantage of best rates and availability.
  3. Plan your show agenda. Review the schedule so you know when and where it’s all happening—schedule appointments with exhibitors and be sure to leave unstructured time to browse and discover the unexpected.
  4. Factor in some fun. Set aside time to enjoy the fabulous shopping, dining, entertainment and nightlife that Las Vegas has to offer.
  5. Spread the word. As the farming environment continues to change, collaboration across crops is key and the cross-pollination of ideas is essential. Invite your fellow growers to join the conversation and advance the world of specialty farming at GROWING INNOVATIONS.

Factor in some fun while you’re in Las Vegas.

Convenient location • Easy access • Excellent values • World-class entertainment and recreation

Las Vegas is a convenient hub for the specialty ag industry in North America. It’s also one of the best deals around, with a satisfying blend of luxury, convenience and value that makes it easy to afford and even easier to enjoy.

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Thursday | November 14 | 8AM – 5:30PM

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