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Ed Pines

Ed Pines
| President, EIP Citrus Management, LLC

Ed Pines has been involved in the Florida citrus industry for more than 25 years. A passionate citrus grower, he developed a commercial application of CUPS (Citrus Under Protective Screening) in order to combat citrus greening/HLB and other diseases. In 2011-2012, he was recognized by Tropicana Products as Grower of the Year. He was awarded the Florida GrowerSM Citrus Achievement Award in 2017, and has been awarded the Commissioner of Agriculture’s Environmental Leadership Award in 2019. His vision and forward thinking have played a key role in adapting fresh fruit growing practices to ensure high quality citrus production. Ed sits on the board of directors of Dundee CGA, one of the leading packing houses in the state of Florida.

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