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Danny Royer

Danny Royer
Danny Royer
| President & CEO, Great Valley Oak, LLC

Danny Royer recently founded Great Valley Oak with the idea that there is enough technology available today to significantly improve the way we grow, harvest, move and process the food we consume, but there is a significant lack of understanding of technology on the food production side and a similar lack of understanding of food production on the technology side. The company creates systems that increase buy in, adoption, use and value out of technology solutions. A graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a BS in Agriculture Systems Management, he previously worked in logistics and management roles for large vertically integrated agriculture operations in California’s San Joaquin Valley, most recently as Vice President of Technology for Bowles Farming Co., a producer of cotton, tomatoes, and almonds headquartered in Los Banos, CA.

KEYNOTE: Moving Forward – Bridging the Technology Gap Between Grower, Supplier & Consumer

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