2019 Speakers



GROWING INNOVATIONS assembles a roster of innovative growers, technology innovators and industry leaders to lead sessions offering compelling  and timely information on the key strategic issues facing specialty crop growers.

2019 Keynotes

Vonnie Estes
Vonnie Estes
VP of Technology, Produce Marketing Association

Vonnie pours her passion for agriculture, technology and sustainability into her role, bringing technology to the produce industry across the entire supply chain. (more…)

Danny Royer
Danny Royer
President & CEO, Great Valley Oak, LLC

Danny Royer recently founded Great Valley Oak with the idea that there is enough technology available today to significantly improve the way we grow, harvest, move and process the food we consume (more…)

Robert Saik, PAg, CAC
CEO, Saik Management Group Inc.

Robert Saik is an agrologist, Professional Agriculture Consultant, agricultural entrepreneur, and futuristic thought leader. (more…)

Mike Omeg
Research and Development Manager, Orchard View, Inc.

Mike Omeg is a fifth-generation cherry farmer from The Dalles, Oregon and is the Research and Development Manager at Orchard View, Inc. (more…)


2019 Speakers

Connor Kingman

Having the privilege of growing up on a ranch, Connor Kingman graduated UC Irvine in Mechanical Engineering and now applies engineering and automation principles to agriculture to reduce costs and improve productivity. (more…)

Afshin Doust
CEO, Advanced Intelligent Systems

Afshin Doust is a seasoned entrepreneur with professional experience in technology, finance, consulting, and strategic management with a keen interest in assembling teams to resolve business challenges. (more…)

Art VanWingerden
Co-CEO and Co-Owner, Metrolina Greenhouses

Art Van Wingerden is Co-CEO and Co-Owner of Metrolina Greenhouses, a large and progressive greenhouse operation with facilities in Huntersville, NC, and York, SC. (more…)

Dennis Donohue
Consulting Director, Western Growers' Center for Innovation and Technology

Dennis Donohue is the Consulting Director for Western Growers’ Center for Innovation and Technology based in Salinas, CA. (more…)

Don Cameron
Vice President and General Manager, Terranova Ranch

Since 1981, Don has been the Vice President and General Manager of Terranova Ranch, Inc., located 25 miles southwest of Fresno in Helm, CA. (more…)

Ed Pines
President, EIP Citrus Management, LLC

Ed Pines has been involved in the Florida citrus industry for more than 25 years. (more…)

Dr. Frank Martin
Frank Martin
Research Plant Pathologist , USDA-ARS

Dr. Frank Martin is a plant pathologist with the USDA-ARS in Salinas, CA, working in management of fungal soilborne diseases of crop plants with an emphasis on strawberry and vegetable crops. (more…)

Gary Thompson
COO, GUSS Automation

Gary Thompson is the COO of GUSS Automation which developed the world’s first autonomous orchard sprayer. (more…)

George Nikolich
Vice President, Technical Operations, Gerawan Farming

George Nikolich brings together strong practical experience and technical expertise to translate the latest in food safety science and technology to the tree fruit production and handling environment. (more…)

Matt Koball
Co-Founder & CEO, Dropcopter

Matt Koball has been involved with agriculture his whole life, growing up on an olive orchard until graduating high school and pursuing a degree and career in electronics. (more…)

Max Jehle
President, Max Agricultural Consultants

Max Jehle is president of Max Agricultural Consultants, an independent consulting firm. (more…)

Mike Goyette
Operations Manager, Pleasant View Gardens

Mike Goyette has worked in the horticulture industry his whole life, spending 27 years at Pleasant View Gardens in New Hampshire focused on propagation and finishing of annuals and perennials. (more…)

Richard Jones
Executive Editor, U.S. Horticulture Group, Meister Media Worldwide

Richard Jones has 20 years of experience covering new technology and grower solutions in the commercial U.S. fruit, vegetable, greenhouse ornamental, and garden retail markets for Meister Media Worldwide. (more…)

Rodney Bierhuizen
General Manager and Co-Owner, Sunrise Greenhouses

Rodney Bierhuizen is General Manager and Co-Owner of Sunrise Greenhouses, a niche potted flowering plant production company located in Vineland, ON, Canada. (more…)

Ross Williams
Director of Packing Operations, Titan Farms

Ross Williams is the Director of Packing Operations for one of the largest commercial peach and vegetable operations in the country. (more…)

Vince Restucci
Vince Restucci
Director of Procurement & Business Technology, R.D. Offutt Farms Co.

M. Vincent Restucci is Director of Procurement & Business Technology for R.D. Offutt Company, a major grower of potatoes headquartered in Fargo, ND. (more…)

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