2018 Program Overview



At the center of this breakthrough new event is a novel conference program, carefully designed to provide the precise and timely information needed by specialty crop growers as you consider ways to adapt their operations to the changing farm environment. Combining keynotes, classroom sessions, interactive workshops, roundtables and peer discussion groups, the conference provides focused content in all the key farm management areas—crops, labor, irrigation, technology integration, data platforms, processing and distribution. It’s an unprecedented opportunity to consult with ag experts, gain insights from top growers and lay the groundwork for your farm’s success—during two concentrated days of learning, collaboration and information exchange. Put it on your calendar now.

2018 KEYNOTES: Gain new perspectives from ag industry thought leaders.

CANNON MICHAELBowles Farming Co. – The New Farm Organization: Why Staff Competencies Are Critical to Driving Change

ED TREACYProduce Marketing Association – Blockchain for Agriculture

HEIDI CENTOLASenior Account Executive, New Markets for IBM Watson & Cloud Platform

LEONARD BATTIVice President, Taylor Farms

2018 CONFERENCE TRACKS: Increase your knowledge in the areas critical to your success.

GROWING INNOVATIONS features a multi-pronged program broken out into the following tracks:

CROP MANAGEMENT: Sensors, Drones, Imagery, Deep Learning—Growers and suppliers share success stories about the practical use of technology to capture field data and improve crop yield and quality.

WATER MANAGEMENT: Irrigation—Learn about cutting-edge Western approaches to conserving and precisely applying a grower’s most essential resource.

LABOR MANAGEMENT: Robotics and Automation: As the labor situation worsens, especially in the West, specialty growers are looking to robotics and automation. This track examines real-world applications in agricultural and related settings.

CROP MANAGEMENT II: Field Applications and Yield Monitoring: Introduce yourself to the advantages of new innovations and technologies that are automating field operations and accurately gauging—even predicting—yield.

POST-HARVEST, PROCESSING AND SUPPLY CHAIN LOGISTICS: Specialty growers are realizing the beneficial ripple effects of pushing innovation beyond the farm gate and into processing and packaging. 

FARM MANAGEMENT: Join a frank discussion about managing a farm by the light of data versus “going with your gut.” Also covered in this track: the wisdom of exploiting the value of “small” farm data before worrying about the “big” data.

GROWING INNOVATIONS 2019 was a success!

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