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Growing specialty crops is very different now. Land is at a premium. Labor is in short supply. Water is scarce. Regulatory requirements are expanding. Costs are rising. Consumer expectations are changing and new on-farm technology is advancing at a mind-boggling pace to meet growing demand.

Change and disruption are coming from all sides, creating a significant opportunity for those ready to seize it. Now more than ever, growers need to tap into the expertise of others in their industry in order to implement solutions that are right for their operations.

Enter GROWING INNOVATIONS, a groundbreaking conference and exhibition, uniquely designed to bring together growers across all specialty crops and unite them with the comprehensive knowledge and resources they need to adapt and thrive.

What industry leaders are saying about GROWING INNOVATIONS.

“Data, technology, and robotics are changing the way we do business, and it is vital that every grower of every size keep up with these changes. Growing Innovations will provide a great format to bring it all together and will cover what would take us months to do in a couple of days.”

– Billy Brentlinger, President, Seville Farms

“There is a lot to consider in the areas of technology, labor, and increasing costs. It would be wonderful if we could hit ‘pause’ to give us time to catch up with the changes – but of course the world doesn’t wait. It is definitely important for specialty crop growers to learn about and provide leadership on the direction of technology development for their crops.”

– Dr. Steve Fennimore, Extension Specialist, UC Davis

“Today’s agricultural landscape is changing at an extreme pace. Innovative tools and mechanisms to increase efficiency exist. However, the vast majority are underutilized or not understood. Events such as Growing Innovations help growers as well as agricultural business managers understand techniques available to them, how they work, and how they can be adapted to meet the needs of their individual businesses and farms.”

– Chris Drew, VP of Operations, Ocean Mist

“The value in participating in Growing Innovations, number one, is that it is a real opportunity to grow and learn, especially with new technologies coming out. The second piece that is really valuable is the ability to network with peers. At Growing Innovations you will hear other people’s problems that may be different or similar to your own, what they are trying to do to solve those problems, and how you may be able to take those solutions and apply them on your farm. You will learn something that you can take back to the farm that is going to bring value to your operation.”

– Danny Royer, VP of Technology, Bowles Farming


…brings specialty growers together.

Idea-sharing and information exchange—scheduled events and dedicated times set aside to allow growers to meet, collaborate and learn from each other.

Multiple opportunities to network—one-to-one interaction with industry experts, suppliers, potential partners and investors, facilitated by networking events, conference sessions, and informal meetings on the exhibit floor.

…is backed by the market leader and expert across all specialty crops.

Produced by Meister|NXT—Meister Media Worldwide’s portfolio of well known and respected media brands delivers unsurpassed market leadership and unique solutions for specialized agriculture.

Backed by leading farms and organizations—GROWING INNOVATIONS has an unprecedented wealth of support from top growers and organizations across the full spectrum of specialty crops.

…showcases the latest in farming innovation—from seed to post-harvest.

Demonstration of proven solutions—150 exhibiting companies reflecting the five conference categories, pre-screened to ensure their proven on-farm success.

Ideas to Implement—a variety of onsite opportunities for in-depth learning about the technologies, systems and solutions presented on the show: GRO NXT interactive demonstrations, GRO Talks presentations, GRO 2025 “Farm of the Future”.

…addresses the topics that matter.

Conference program tailored to critical specialty ag issues—all key areas of farming operations: crop management; labor management; water management; data management and farm management systems.

Expert-led sessions— interactive workshops, roundtables, classroom sessions and keynotes, conducted by ag industry thought leaders, solution providers and top growers.

GROWING INNOVATIONS 2019 was a success!

Stay tuned for 2020 announcements! 

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