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Empowering Agricultural Solutions

Meister Media presents Growing Innovations, a pioneering conference and exposition showcasing innovative solutions spanning all specialty crops, from pre-production through post-harvest. More than just a technology conference, it’s where you’ll find practical applications from progressive companies in traditional ag along with exciting advances from leading edge companies new to the specialty ag ecosystem. Learn. Connect. Grow.

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The Conference Structure and Key Presentation Topics will offer growers the opportunity to enhance their farming operations through new approaches to:

  • Crop Management
  • Labor Management
  • Water Management
  • Farm Management Systems
  • Post-Harvest / Processing / Logistics

Attendees can connect with like-minded peers and thought leaders including:

  • Specialty crop growers across the United States, Canada and Mexico
  • Innovative traditional ag suppliers as well as new technology manufacturers and suppliers
  • Service providers
  • Key allieds and decision influencers across academia, financial, telecom, and trade associations

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For additional information on Exhibiting or Sponsorships, contact Scott Fuller, VP Content & Business Development at Growing Innovations.

Growing Innovations Advisory Board

Seville Farms

Billy Brentlinger


Ocean Mist Farms

Christopher Drew

Vice President of Operations

Sol y Arenas y Anthony

Carlos Espinoza

Director of Operations

University of California, Davis

Steve Fennimore

Extension Specialist, Weed Scientist

Washington Fruit & Produce Co.

Jeff Leonardini

IPM Manager

David Petrocco Farms

Joe Petrocco

Co-Owner and Vice President

R.D. Offutt Co.

M. Vincent Restucci

Director, Procurement & Business Technology

Bowles Farming

Danny Royer

Executive Vice President

Color Spot Nurseries

Michael Treiber

Director of Procurement

Metrolina Greenhouses

Art Van Wingerden


More Members to Be Announced